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Abstracts must be submitted in English using the WFITN2019 website. After you created your account in the online registration system you must follow the instructions for abstract layout and submission. You need to specify the abstract title. The title must begin with a capital letter and followed by lower case letters. Use appropriate abbreviations in the title (e.g.: CSP) The title must be maximum up to 500 characters. There is a character counter which will indicate when you run out. Please, provide any info in case of a co-author (name, affiliations) and ensure all the data is included and correct. Please provide the abstract body text. The title is limited to a maximum of 3000 characters. It must be divided into four sections: o Purpose – a brief statement of the report’s purpose o Materials and Methods – numbers of subjects, procedures performed, analysis, methods o Results – major findings (for case reports these last two sections are replaced by summary of cases(s) o Conclusion – a one or two sentence statement of conclusions derived from the report Please save your work before logging off You can still edited and revise online your abstact before submitting it clicking on the “Save abstract and submit later” button. When you are sure it is complete and in final form, click on the “Submit Abstract” button. Submitters will be notified if they have been accepted from June 2019. Please note that any not registered presenters will not have abstract included in the program unless registered. Accepted abstracts will be published in a Supplement of Interventional Neuroradiology. The decision of accepting abstracts is taken by the scientific program committee.