Guidelines for speakers

Dear Speakers,

We scheduled a tight program for the Congress in order to provide a balanced overview of your scientific experience and the opportunity to present the latest results in research.
In order to run the program smoothly we kindly request you to rigorously stick to the presentation timetable and organise your talks following the guidelines below.

1. Time slots:
a. Invited lectures in plenary sessions:
 - For each talk timeslot, please refer to the program HERE.
b. Abstract papers in parallel sessions:
 - 6 minutes for presentation, followed by a 2 minutes discussion
c. Morning seminars:
 - The presentation time is either 15 or 20 minutes depending on the number of talks scheduled for the session (please refer to the program). Please allow time for Q&A; after your talk.
d. Poster sessions:
 - The presentation time is 3 minutes

2. Technical requirements:
a. All presentations must be uploaded at least two hours prior to your session. The Speaker Ready room will operate from 7:30 am– 6:30 pm on Monday, 7:30 am– 6:30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and 7:00am – 4:00pm on Thursday. IT technicians will be available to assist you in uploading your slides. Please note that it will not be allowed to use a personal laptop for the presentation during the session.
b. All presentation rooms will be equipped with a wide screen (16:9 ) and a full HD (1920*1080) projection. For best results, please prepare your presentation accordingly.
c. The following presentation formats are supported:
  Microsoft PowerPoint
  MacOS KeyNote
  PREZI off line (please note that online PREZI presentation will not be supported).
d. For flawless presentation of embedded video clips, please make sure that the original videos and the presentation are in the same folder that you will present to the Speaker Ready Room.
e. In order to comply with the latest regulations of the European Union of Medical Specialists (U.E.M.S.), all speakers are requested to insert a slide declaring conflict or no-conflict of interests right after the title slide. Please find HERE sample slides.

We highly appreciate your cooperation.